Search Marketing

Search Marketing

Is your website performing as it should? Is it generating client queries? Can potential customers find your site using Google and other search engines? Do you know who is visiting your site, how they tend to find your site and what they are doing on your site?

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If you have difficulties with any of these then we can assist you with our e-marketing service. Our emarketing service can typically resolve these common website problems:

Problem 1: My Site Cannot be Found on Google

There are many reasons a website might not be found online, or is not appearing on the first results page. We can shine a light on this problem with the following services:

  • Search engine review – this quantifies the extent of the problem.
  • Website analysis: We can identify fundamental problems with your site which may be hindering search engine performance. These can include content issues such as wording, or they may be technical issues. We can make recommendations as to how your website can be improved.
  • Google Analytics is a free web analytics application which gives a detailed breakdown on all aspects of your website including visitor numbers, visitor onsite activity and much more. Every website should have it.
  • We can implement a pay per click advertising campaign using Google AdWords to give you an immediate presence on search engines. This is a very effective short to medium term measure while other measures take effect.

Problem 2: I’m Getting Visitors but No Sales or Contact Through the Site

We can determine:

  • Are search engines referring the right visitors to your site i.e. visitors who are interested in what you have to offer?
  • Is your website reflecting the correct image for your business ie. does it look professional?
  • Is the site user friendly? Can visitors find what they are looking for?
  • Does the site contain prominent call to actions which actively encourage the visitor to take particular steps?

If you are concerned your website is lacking we can review your website and provide a report on these aspects and offering recommendations for improvement.

Problem 3: I would like to know who is visiting my website, how they find the site, and what sections of the site are most popular.

This is something all site owners should be aware of – whether their site is thriving or not. Awareness of these details can help you improve your website even further.

We can implement FREE web analytics application Google Analytics which will provide you with all the information you need to build up a picture of your site and its visitors.

What Next?

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